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World Percussion Classes with River Guerguerian

No classes on Tuesdays

When: Every Wednesday
5-6:00pm - Introduction to Hand Drumming: For those who have never really played a drum before, or it's been a long time. We will focus on how to play proper tones, and how to understand rhythm in the body and the mind. Great warm up for Intermediate drummers, with emphasis on finding the pulse, building strength, basic skills and tones. 

6:15-7:30pm - Intermediate: For those who have been playing for about a year or more, and who understand how to play the proper tones on their drums (bass, edge, muted), and understand concepts about rhythm.

7:45-9:00pm - Advanced:  For those who have been playing at least three years, can maintain a rhythm while others play a counter rhythm, and are comfortable playing in odd time rhythms.

Where: Odyssey School - 90 Zillicoa St. Asheville NC 28801 - Studio is downstairs.
Teaching approach:
Price: $13 per class - 2 classes on the same day for $20 - 3 classes for $30.
Details: Bring your doumbek, frame drums, djembe, congas, cajon, etc. There will be extra drums available.

Become actively engaged in a life of rhythm at whatever level you seek: physical, healthful, soulful. River's classes inspire beginners to explore new possibilities, advanced students to aspire to deepening their skills and all participants to resonate in the supportive community that grows from making music together.