River Guerguerian and band perform at TEDxAsheville 2010. 

From Concert with Omar Faruk Tekbilek in Spain 2006

Omar Faruk Tekbilek Ensemble playing a fast song "Laz" in 7/8 featuring Anthony Mazzella, River Guerguerian, Bahadir Sener, Murat Tekbilek, Yannis Dimitriadis. Recorded on March 16, 2010 in Trento Italy.

Omar Faruk Tekbilek Ensemble playing "I Love You" with orchestra in Istanbul, Turkey

River Guerguerian solo from concert in Trento Italy with the Omar Faruk Ensemble.

Free Planet Radio - Global Symphony Project -an exciting meeting of world jazz trio with classical ensembles. 

"59 minutes" by, The River Guerguerian Project at Black Mountain College's (Re)Happening: feat. John Vorus, Sage Sansone, Chris Rosser.  shot by Kurt Mann & Raven Tenderfoot edited by Gene A. Felice II

The Billy Sea is a collection of prolific solo artists who have come together to create a sound called 'Global Americana' music. 

The Billy Sea playing Billy's tune ChatuVonDoo.


The Billy Sea playing a Bengali folk song called With a High Hope at The Altamont Theatre in Asheville NC, November 2011. 

Asheville Percussion Festival 2012. Video by Raven Tenderfoot.

Synergy Percussion and TaikOz presented pulse:heart:beat 'Sydney Celebrates the Drum' in July 2010 at Sydney Town Hall. Special guests included River Guerguerian, Sandy Evans and Circle of Rhythm musicians Greg Sheehan, Bobby Singh and Deva Permana

Recording of Maurice Ravel's "Pavane for a Dead Princess" for The April Sessions. Interview and live takes.