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Applicable to drums such as Djembe, Ashiko, Cajon and others.

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An innovative, comprehensive approach to learning finger style drums.

$65 - The online course includes:
- 145 page downloadable and printable book
- 75 tutorial videos (4 hours worth)

- Descriptions of how to play tones and strokes
- Exploring body awareness
- 100s of tone building exercises
- Creating internal pulses and subdivisions
- 150 rhythms from around the world

- How to play with a metronome
- Odd time rhythms exercises for refinement of finger dexterity & rolls
- Derivations of traditional rhythms
- 10 album audio tracks to play along with

Think of this book as a systems approach for unifying your mind and body in all your musical endeavors. If you are a beginner, you will learn the language and concepts behind rhythm as you teach your hands how to do what you want them to. If you are already an accomplished drummer, you will find useful tools for tightening up your technique, embellishing and soloing, and expanding your comfort zone within a broader range of musical styles.


$85 for a spiral bound printed copy of the book plus a link to the full online course and videos.
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River Guerguerian is another name to add to the list of master percussionists. His album Grooves for Odd Times is a superb presentation of global percussion.
There is a message for the body in the sound
— Angel Romero - World Music Central

order CD from the Relaxation Company

order CD from the Relaxation Company

As a producer who has recorded two CDs of harmonic chant with the Gyuto Monks of Tibet, I know how hard it is to capture the energy of resonant sound. River Guerguerian has done a superb job delivering the vibrant overtones of the Tibetan Singing Bowls without sacrificing the mystery of their deep resonance. This is more than a meditation; it’s like a wisdom teaching in sound.
— Geoff Wood, Presenter/Producer of ‘The Rhythm Divine’ ABC Radio National, Sydney

Popping the disc into a disc-player reveals something startling. River is a master of percussion and a collector of found sounds. The first song is gold with about eighteen arms and this long twang. Then there’s one near the middle that goes gurgle, and these nuns or something start singing. These songs will make you drift off and think about stuff, owing largely to this dreamy quality thing that’s going on in the album. Then, you feel like you’re being ushered off up to one of those rotating sky restaurants. And then when you get there, River Guerguerian is waiting; he’s reserved his favorite table. And you and me and River Guerguerian and my grandmother all sit at the table and eat our simple food, drink the wine, and laugh until the tears stream down our faces.
— Lawrence Brenner, Asheville Disclaimer, Asheville, NC

Free Planet Radio - world jazz trio

The Unraveling is an enthralling new CD showcasing some of the nicest acoustic world world beat blends coming out of the many aromatic sonic flavors of Eastern and Middle Eastern origin. Grab this perfectly balanced mixture of jazz, ethnic, chamber music and a dash of funkiness. I can’t live without it. An absolute stunner!
— Gene Berger, Horizon Records, Greenville, SC

Voted #1 World Music group in Western North Carolina - 2013
— Asheville's Mountain Xpress Reader's Poll
Music like this is good for us- it’s healthy to find a piece of art to lose yourself in….
Go find this album and get lost in the world for a while. It’s a nice place. 5 big fat stars all around.
— Chris Cooper, Smoky Mountain News

The Billy Sea - global americana

Founded on the musings of slide guitar revolutionary, Billy Cardine,
The Billy Sea ropes you in for a ride; gracefully weaving virtuosic musicianship into beautifully crafted melodies and infectious grooves. The powerhouse trio is balanced by the colorful rhythmic structure of multi-percussionist, River Guerguerian, and the melodic and original voicings of 6 string bassist, Jake Wolf. The comfort of Appalachian roots music blends seamlessly with the spark of global cadence, shining a light on the world influences of these mighty fine musicians.

The Billy Sea describes their sound as ‘Global Americana’. The music reflects the beautiful mountain culture of their hometown of Asheville, NC while nodding towards their individual creative paths, all of which have ties to different parts of the world.

The April Sessions - Billy Cardine, Chris Rosser, Zack Page, River Guerguerian

This is Jazz with an Appalachian undertone. It is an acoustic dobro along with a thoughtful and understated piano trio.

Billy Cardine, Chris Rosser, Zack Page and River Guerguerian came together to raise money for the Odyssey Community School in Asheville, NC. They had played together for many years in various combinations, but this one produced a unique and gorgeous mood of jazz.

These four fathers found the time to record on a spring weekend in April 2011. The magical sessions took place at Sound Temple Studios with engineer Michael Hynes and the help of owner Robert George.

There was a chemistry between the musical friends, and within the sonic qualities of the instruments involved. The sessions proved to be a breath of fresh air for all involved, and the music was imaginative, live, and without the use of a click track.

Listen to River on Spotify